6 Weird Icecream Flavors You Need To Try Now

Seriously. Now. From Scoop Adventures!

1. Beet Orange Poppyseed

Not only does it look scrumptious, it tastes scrumptious too

2. Banana Rum Rasin

Rum Raisin is pretty boring, but the banana gives it an extra yummy kick

3. Coriander Blackberry

Icecream with a kick

4. Gin & Tonic

My favorite drink is now an icecream. Is this real life?

5. Blueberry Buttermilk

I love blueberries, I love pancakes…so is this the icecream version of blueberry pancakes?

6. Wildberry Lavender

Lavender is usually paired with vanilla, so the fact that this flavor is infused with fruit makes it punchy and sweet

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