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    • themansqt

      Josh isafriend of mine thatIhad the pleasure of working and hanging out withIfeel sorry for what happened to him. But as far as what is be stated in the text that is with the video, it does not match. Reading this your expected to see cops beatingaguy calling him all kinds of gay bashing terms. Which is not the case you see someone resisting arrest and hear two dudes yelling in the background. Yeah the cops were rough with him. But as far as this beingagay hate crime that’s BS the cop called the guy that was yelling at him calling himafat f###ing pig and running at himafag. You call someone out of their name and once they say something back at you you flame gay bashing. You are now being what the cop called you. Crying because he hurt your feelings. Lets talk about the guy that get stopped or pulled over and harassed every day just for being black.

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