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13 Products All Swimmers Need

That is, if you don't already have it.

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1. Speedo Teamster 35L Backpack ($46.00)

Speedo / Via

This backpack is a beautiful, amazing thing. It has a dirt bag for your wet suits, and it has a bleacher seat in the back pouch. Be sure to let it air out so it doesn't mildew. Speedo has a sale going on, so if you want this bag cheap-ish, go here.

2. Out to Dry Microfiber Towel ($28.00)

Speedo / Via

I heard an angel chorus singing when I bought this towel. It has saved me so many meets. It is great for behind the blocks after a race and it's awesome for just drying off after practice. It drys fast and is softer and more comfortable than a regular, rubbery chamois. Hear the angels sing here.

3. Classic Pull Float ($12.00)

TYR / Via

This pull buoy is super durable and fits big, muscle-y swimmer thighs. It's easy to transport in a mesh bag or a big swim bag. It comes in blue/white and blue/black, both of which are cool colors. Buy it here.

4. Bungee Straps ($5.00)

Bettertime Bungee Straps / Via

These replacement goggle straps are super easy to adjust. They fit ~almost~ every pair of goggles. It comes in soooooo many different colors to match sooooo many different goggles and tastes. Did I mention that they're super easy to adjust? Buy your bungees here.

5. Baby Powder ($4.99)

Johnson's / Via

Your caps will thank you. Before a meet, rub baby powder all over your cap. It feels like it's brand new. Latex caps, which don't necessarily last that long, will last a lot longer. It's a must-have for all swimmers. Buy it here.

6. Speedo Shine ($79.99)

Speedo / Via

It's a Fitbit for swimmers! This beautiful machine tracks steps, running, and swimming. You connect it to your phone to see your stats-there isn't a display. But a Fitbit can't swim! Get yours here.

9. Insulated Water Bottle ($13.00-$17.00)

Polar Bottle / Via

Practices will be soooo much better after your purchasing this water bottle! It comes in lots of colors, shapes and sizes. You can customize it, too. It also keeps your water ice-cold and fresh. Buy 24-ounce water bottles here. Buy 12-ounce water bottles here. Shop around the water bottle store here.

11. Dolfin Uglie Practice Suit ($39.95)

Dolfin / Via

These suits last fooorrreeevvveeerrr and they're super cute. They are flattering on every body shape and size, and there are endless designs. Buy this design(Jubilee) here.

12. Soft Shell Jacket ($79.00)

Speedo / Via

Keep your muscles warm! At swim meets, you need a warm, water-resistant jacket to bring behind the blocks and to wear in the bleachers. This jacket is freaking perfect. It is long and soft and amazing. Keep yourself warm here.

13. Tempo Trainer ($49.99)

Finis / Via

For my distance swimmers out there-when you have to do sprints, wear this to keep in pace. The Tempo Trainer beeps at you. Each beep represents a stroke cycle and you have to keep up with the beeps. It can go inside of your caps or it can sit on your goggle strap. Either way, it's awesome. Buy it here.

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