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10 Guys Who Prove Drinking Tea Is Hot

What could possible be better than this? Guys who are easy on the eye matched with our favourite beverage that is easy on the tastebuds.

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3. Simon Baker

Lesley McDermid / Via

Even the Aussies are in on something that was once quintessentially British. Probably best known for his role in The Mentalist, Simon looks rather dashing (even without the cuppa).

4. Harry Styles / Via

Spreading the joy of tea to our younger members of society. We applaud you for this Mr Styles. We'll even forgive you for being papped with your arms full of beverages from a well-known coffee brand.

6. Zac Efron

maycontainhope / Via

In this scene from Bad Neighbours (or Neighbors if you're on the other side of the Pond) Zac and Dave Franco are supposedly drinking Jack Daniels out of tea cups but we all know they wouldn't drink on set right? They have definitely switched the JD for a lovely cup of 1st Flush Darjeeling.

9. Johnny Depp

Cine y TV / Via

Proving Iced Tea is a great way to keep cool. If Johnny and his pirate friends were around 100 years later during the time of the Tea Clippers, we're sure they would have allowed them a safe passage given the importance of their cargo.

Now that we've shown drinking tea is hot...

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