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    • TheLogan

      This took a while… 1. Yes 2. Are you scared of Santa Clause giving you coal this Yule? 3. Yes 4. It not does. 5. First of all.. “If there”. Not their, not they’re, but there. Secondly, rotation of the earth. How would you explain it with god I wonder. 6. It doesn’t. 7. What about noetics? 8. Good question. 9. That’s one way of putting it, sure. But I suspect the answer you are looking for is more like this: 10. right.. 11. Need I repeat my self? There! There! There! There! there! How hard can it be? I’m not sure they embrace anything of the likes. But that said, it’s taken us about 8000 to 10000 years from the first civilization (Sumerian if my English serves me right) to having computers and space-crafts, etc. The universe has been in existence for, about 13.8 billion years. That’s 1 million 380 thousand times the time it took us to go from basically stone age till modern age. Is it so unlikely that some other species of intelligent life made it before us? Right, next. 12. Google is your friend. The creepy one in the bushes with the binoculars and pants down between her legs, but still your friend, sort of.. 13. Well it certainly doesn’t support god. If they were born perfect they wouldn’t need metamorphosis later in life. 14. You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means. Go google the definition of a Theory.
      And because it’s not a theory like creationism or the bible. First of all the bible isn’t a theory, it’s a book. A book written by cave dwellers, who don’t even live up to the standard of Ham’s “where you there”, it’s filled with contradictions, etc.
      Secondly, creationism isn’t a theory, it’s not even a hypothesis, it’s just an idea thought up by people living in mud huts fearing death and wondering what sort of monster causes thunder, it can’t be tested, it’s not a theory. Evolution however is a Theory, it makes predictions that can and have been tested extensively. It’s a theory, and it works, therefore it’s taught as fact. 15. You’re joking, right? I’m not even sure where to start on this one. Onwards 16. I’ve already warned about being friends with google, but really, you should try it. 17. To live life, to have fun, to bring pleasure to the rest of humanity, and to leave the world better than I found it. 18. Over time, most remains decompose, to have found even 1 incomplete skeleton of a creature from 3.2 million years ago is bloody lucky. That’s why most skeletons are usually found in specific areas, areas where there once was a swamp for example, or in a desert, places that preserve remains. 19. I don’t “believe” in the big bang. I accept that it is currently our best explanation for the existence of the universe, but that it could easily change. Already other theories are starting to chip away at the edges of the theory, one of them might succeed the theory of the big bang, which btw. is actually a mislabelling, it wasn’t big, it was very tiny, and it wasn’t a bang either. 20. Some parts are amazing, other parts are horrible and would kill you in an instant. This planet clearly wasn’t created for our leisure, most parts of the world would kill you, the entire animal kingdom is one big horrible battlefield where everything is allowed, chemical warfare, mind control and worse. Clearly not the product of a benevolent creator. 21. Exploding star? Which exploding star are you talking about, no one I’ve heard of is talking about any exploding stars in relation to the big bang theory..!? 22. If you came from dirt, then why is there still dirt.

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