Star Wars Is Definitely Harry Potter In Outer Space

Vice versa, since George Lucas came up with the story first. Also, Spoiler Alerts (but hopefully if you’re reading this, you’ve seen both of these.Or at least one. Or don’t care, and want to save over 100 hours of reading and film watching.)

Meet our hero

With his weapon of choice.
He lives with his aunt and uncle, who don’t want him to turn out like his good-for-nothing father.

These are his best friends

They start off hating each other, but end up falling in love and having babies

Here is the wise old mentor

AKA the boss man

And this mean dude

Snape’s hair is even the same shape as Vader’s helmet. Coincidence?

Who works for this evil dude

As if things aren’t confusing enough, they both go by “The Dark Lord”

He’s also secretely in love with the hero’s mom

Because, I mean, Stacy’s mom has got it going on

But he kills the mentor

Who also used to be his mentor

Which the mentor actually planned, so he could do this:

I ain’t afraid of no ghost

In the end, the mean dude turns out to be good

He was only doing what he was doing cause he loved Lily/Padme
But you never find this out until he dies. Go figure.

And helps our hero defeat the evil dude

Aren’t they just gorgeous.

The hero’s ghosts friends come to be with him

Note: This is the original scene from Star Wars episode VI, NOT the remastered version

And they all live happily ever after

….until the next episode of Star Wars.

Bonus: Here are some sidekicks

The hairy fourth best friend

Big softies at heart

The unpaid packmules

Who are actually more useful than anyone gives them credit for

Well done, J.K. Rowling. Well done.

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