20 Reasons Why Mr. G Is The Best Drama Teacher This World Has Ever Seen

Mr. G (basically the Michael Scott of drama teachers) works at Summer Heights High. Sure, that’s a fake school on a TV show, but by the end of this post you’ll still be begging to take his class.

1. He’s serious about his subject.

2. He has Dress-Up days

…and he participates too.

3. Even his video days are interesting.

4. He combines theater and positive living habits.

5. He’s a dog person.

6. He treats everyone equally.

7. He’s committed to being on time.

8. He uses language the kids can understand.

9. He’s appropriate.

(most of the time)

10. He makes safety drills exciting.

11. He encourages class participation.

12. He’s extremely talented.

13. And he uses that talent to teach character acting.

14. He makes sure students are prepared for theater life .

15. He’s in on the school gossip.

16. He directs the school play, and it’s never boring.

17. He’s not a math teacher.

18. He’s focused.

19. He commands attention.

20. Betches love him.

If only he was a real teacher!

“My drama classroom is my haven. It’s where I come alive.”

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