10 Signs You’re Addicted To Cute Animals

If you spend more time aw-ing at pics of puppies in onesies than you do ooh-ing over photos of Jake Gyllenhaal in tight underwear, then the chances are you’re a Cute Animal Addict. Here are the most common CAA symptoms:

1. You wake up with only one thing on your mind: a polar bear cub running towards a camera.

Lucky camera.

2. This is your Internet search history…

People look at worse, right?

3. You’re constantly showing family/friends/colleagues/random-stranger-at-the-bus-stop the latest pictures of Boo the Pomeranian… Have you SEEN him?! He’s like a freakin’ teddy bear!!!

So much swag.

4. At night, you dream of kittens in baskets.

I’d call them Cute, Cutie, Cuter, and Cutest.

5. Your friends are becoming increasingly worried for your welfare.

They just don’t understand.

6. … But you tell them you’re fine, and show them a picture of a pug dressed as Gandalf to distract them.

“You shall not pass.”

7. Whilst at work, you may look like you’re doing something important and business-y, but really, you’re watching a video of an elephant painting a self-portrait.

Adorable AND talented.

8. When you finally get around to searching pictures of ‘Jake Gyllenhaal in tight underwear’, you see this:

9. And you couldn’t possibly date someone who doesn’t love cute animals as much as you do.

How can anyone not find a cat dressed as a shark whilst riding around on a robot vacuum the most adorable/hilarious thing ever?!

10. … It’s okay though, you don’t need anyone else anyway. Partners may come and go, but cute animals are for life.


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