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    21 Reasons You Should Never Visit Cyprus

    That idyllic Mediterranean island with the sandy beaches? Don't go there.

    1. The beaches are terrible.

    2. Like, literally, there is nothing worse.

    3. And it's in the middle of nowhere.

    4. There's zero culture.

    5. Not to mention history.

    6. And *yawn*, what architecture?

    7. Oh big deal, there are columns.

    8. You can't even literally immerse yourself in ancient mythology.

    9. The people don't know how to chill out.

    10. They're all really unfriendly.

    11. And aren't interesting at all.

    12. There's nothing to eat.

    13. And vegetarians are screwed.

    14. The food is all mass-produced.

    15. Even the cheese is horrible.

    16. And don't get us started on the desserts.

    17. The heat is unbearable.

    18. There is zero nightlife.

    19. Some are even on the beach.

    20. And there is a serious shortage of cats.

    21. Seriously, where are the cats?!?