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    This Kenyan Lady Photoshopped Herself Vacationing In China And Now She's Going For Real

    From Photoshops to the real thing.

    This is Seve Gats. She really wanted to visit China.

    Unable to make the trip on her own, Seve decided to take to Photoshop with her traveling ambitions, giving us a glimpse of what the vacation might actually look like. / Via

    She quickly became an internet sensation, and some people started to poke fun at her rough Photoshops. / Via Facebook: KenyaBuzz

    She managed to catch the attention of Sam Gichuru, an entrepreneur and co-founder of Kenya's startup, Nailab.

    Sam Gichuru / Via Facebook: sam.gichuru

    He and a couple of friends raised money for Seve to actually go to China.

    Facebook: sam.gichuru / Via Facebook: sam.gichuru

    And it appears that her dreams are indeed coming true! / Via

    The internet can be a lovely place.