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    • thegreatsarah

      When I was diagnosed with cancer for the second time at 20 I had to have surgery 9 days before Christmas. My parents came and stayed with me (1000 miles away) and we were supposed to go back to my home state a couple days after the surgery. We ended up staying longer and didn’t get back home until the 23rd of December. There wasn’t really any time to get anything together for Christmas and we knew that going back home. Well during that time while my parents were with me the entire community of my hometown came together and took care of my siblings at home. They made dinners, took them to school if needed, and made sure the house was running as normal. When we finally got back home my neighbors had gotten us a Christmas tree and had decorated it and the community had gotten together and gave us gift cards and other items worth well over $500 to make our Christmas special. I will never forget the fact that so many people took care of me and my family when we were going through a pretty terrible time.

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