7 Deadly Gifs Of Luis Suarez

Yep, he’s in the news. We’ve all seen the footage of him biting Ivanovic but what about his other controversial escapades on the football pitch? Here’s some right royal gems you may have forgotten…


7 -Strange Fouls

In at number 7 we have Suarez and the rugby challenge on John Heitinga. It’d be an impressive challenge in Rugby’s Aviva Premiership you’ve got to say…just not so much on a football pitch with no ball in site.


6 - Diving

Yes, strictly speaking this is a bit of ‘banter’ by the man himself and does go to show the man has a sense of humour (despite being one of the most prolific and worst divers currently in football). Infuriated by talk of these diving antics, Suarez promptly scores a goal and simulates a quite magnificent salmon-like dive in front of the Everton bench.

Fair play.


5 - Pesky Fouls!

Pesky is about as good a word as any to sum up Suarez’s fouling antics. He’s prone to the odd stamp, and this is one of his worst.


4 - THAT handshake (or lack of…)

Man’s got mad beef with Evra. Suarez was banned by the Football Association for eight matches for racially abusing Evra during a Liverpool Manchester United game on the 15th October 2011 and they haven’t been on the best terms ever since (not surprising eh?). What followed was this farcical scene showing Suarez deliberately avoiding shaking the hand of Evra. He’s loves controversy doesn’t he?


3 - The Tekkers

It’s fair to say Suarez has some serious technique, showcased here in some style in Liverpools game against Norwich at Carrow Road…


2 - The strange dog like desire to bite opponents

Yep, he bites opposition players. Not just that, he’s done it twice! Here he bites PSV Eindhoven’s midfielder Otman Bakkal during his last ever game for Ajax in 2011. Makes his bite on Ivanovic look a little tame eh?


1 - The blatant out and out cheating

This has to be Luis Suarez’s most controversial moment of his career. For a Ghanian fan he must be the most hated footballer of all time, for a Uruguayan fan he is probably a God. Lots of debate on this one as to whether people would want their player to have done the same. Jury’s out.

Just to be clear I think it’s despicable.

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