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    13 Things That Do Not Make Sense To A Flight Attendant

    Come Fly With Me...or don't.

    1. Pilots

    Enough said.

    2. Why it's so difficult finding an electrical outlet at an airport

    Kara Mulder / Via

    Yes. It sucks

    3. Passengers confusion as to how to open a lavatory door.

    Kara Mulder / Via

    "Open the door, like a door." Wow. Novel. (But, in all fairness, if I saw this, I would be confused too).

    4. Ironing

    5. Why the hotel staff placed the family with 10 screaming children in the room next to yours.


    Yeah. Thanks.

    6. Nylons

    They are just awful

    7. Timezones

    Just give me coffee

    8. Why it matters what we are flying over RIGHT now

    Jason / Via

    What? Are you planning on taking the next exit?

    9. Bad hair days

    Kara Mulder / Via

    Help us all

    10. After being ridiculously rude, you think you will get your way.

    Kara Mulder / Via


    11. Scheduling


    Just. Need. A. Moment. Thanks.

    12. Barefoot in the bathroom


    13. Baggage


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