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12 Ridiculous Things On Etsy Right Now For $100,000

Some people will do anything to make a buck. These people think their hand-made anythings are worth at least a hundred grand.

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1. A skyscraper model


This model is about 4' tall and is built at a scale1/8"= 1'-0" .

It took over 1,600 hours for the seller to build!

Shipping is $8.08 in the USA, but $10,000 anywhere else, so if you are from out of the country you might as well fly here and pick it up in person!

2. A Buteo Elite




This original hand fabricated sculpture by Texas artist Walter Andrews was recently completed in 2012 as the first piece in a series of works titled "Buteo Elite". It boasts an array of different materials that include bronze, steel, & stainless steel. Dimensions are = 8.5"x8.5"x10".

3. A Custom Georgian Kitchen


This is probably the only item that is actually worth the money. But why are they using Etsy to sell?


This custom lacquered Georgian kitchen personifies the hearth and heart of the home. The cupboards extend three-tiers taking full advantage of the spacious 10 ft. ceilings, topped by custom crown molding. The solid maple doors, drawers and face frames glow with the warmth of lemon ice lacquer.

Additional details include internally lit top cabinets with glue chip glass, raised panels with ogee design, matching appliance fronts, and select touch-activated drawers. Handcarved corbels flatter the architectural detailing of the range.

Oceanside glass tile in equator green, Horton Brass hardware, and rainforest green marble all compliment the warmth of this fabulous kitchen.

Pricing is for cabinetry only and translates into $950 per lineal foot. All cabinets are custom made to order. I can help arrange shipping and offer standard crating and white glove delivery (pricing will vary).


4. A Hand Crafted Wire Rose


I could probably make this myself by throwing some wire in my pockets and pulling it all out 6 hours later.


A steadfast wire musician, and artist; using the logic that music can be seen in an implied volume.

If you want one message me your price, and if it becomes interesting, I will make you a page with your denomination on it, and ship it to you. I do need enough to cover wire, and my time pulled away from other projects I should be working on.

I have made over 800 of these that are circulating planet all for the love art, and the beautiful people I run into in my life. Thank you being here, you all are great. Nameste...

5. Mount Dogmore


Our favorite of all the items. I am thinking about starting up a Kickstarter project just to buy this and hang it in my office.


Ah summer, nice to get out of the kennel.

Photo print mounted on board, 20 " x 24" $ 100, 000.00 16 x 20 $ 175.00

6. An Aspen custom bed


I would prefer to sleep on $100,000 one dollar bills instead of this wooden monstrosity.


This is my first attempt at making furniture. It is a queen size Aspen headboard, standing about 4’ to 4.5’. Notice the right side of the first picture has a branch sticking out. This is going to be the stand for the end table. I have yet to decide if I’m going to add built in lamps. This particular bed is constructed only of Aspen. There is no glue, nails, or screws. Only Dowels hold this bed together. I have a technique that locks each piece in securely.This particular bed is not for sale as it was made for my wife, but i can custom make any bed for your specific need or desire.


8. The Last Supper Remake


This is a must for any Christian art collector.


I have started remaking this piece using only items relating to christianity. I used egg shells for the background, christmas lights, ornaments, and nails. I plan on adding bible pages, a shroud for the tablecloth, clay for the faces, etc. This is a work in progress.

10. A Vintage Inspired Wedding Dress


This dress is actually on sale for $247,000. The $100k asking price is only the down payment. What a steal! They are asking for 10-12 months advance notice so you better find your sugar daddy ASAP.



*** The price of $100,000.00 listed above will represent a down payment on your order. Please, see detailed information below for the full price for this Fairy Tell Wedding Gown.

This original version of Lalik (Vintage Inspired Wedding Gown displayed on the pictures), has been created in 1985 in Paris, France. It has not only required 1570 hours (10 months total of work) to be completed, but also, it has been hand weaved using expensive Crystal beads with the iridescent and magnificent Aurora Borealis Finish.

The underskirt crinoline Petticoat is fully handmade and created to support the fullness (gonflant) of the skirt of the Gown.

This listing showing here is a full package which includes the Wedding dress (sleeveless dress with shoulder straps, along with the fully hand beaded underskirt crinoline Petticoat, and a full circled skirt jacket with balloon sleeves) the Necklace, two bracelets and a pair of earrings, long gloves, and the beaded handbag.

If you are interested about placing an order on this wedding gown, I could send you a couple of sample of these unique and beautiful beads on a separate listing for $2.00 with free shipping.

This Vintage Inspired Wedding Gown is an OOAK (One of a Kind) Luxury Bridal and Fairy Tell creation and will be delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity and a full exclusivity on your chosen style and design. The Designer (me the Seller) will travel nationwide in the US, paying trip expenses and personally providing fitting and size adjustment.

Also, Lalik Wedding Dress will be hand-delivered in person (with final fitting if necessary) by Designer. If Buyer does not reside in the US and cannot travel to meet us in the US, arrangement will be made with date and location for fitting and delivering.

The price for this listing is $247,000.00. Considering the maximum price applicable on Etsy is $100,000.00, we are offering a payment with installments by breaking the $247,000.00 price down into 3 different portions payable on Etsy as follow:

- $100,000.00 down payment (which could be listed on Etsy with the label "RESERVED") to confirm the order

- $77,000.00 second portion payable on Etsy during the first dress-fitting session and

- $70,000.00 third portion also payable on Etsy after the last dress-fitting session on the day of the delivery.

You may choose the wide layered skirt as shown of this listing, or an “A” shaped, or a Mermaid shaped skirt. The cost of the package is lower in these two cases.

-When you choose a straight (pencil) or an “A” shaped skirt along with the same jacket (with balloon sleeves) shown on this listing, the package costs $127,000.00 which is payable in 3 installments (1. $67,000.00 - 2. $30,000.00 and 3. $30,000.00).

-When you choose a full circled or Mermaid shaped skirt along with the same jacket (with balloon sleeves) shown on this listing, the package costs $187,000.00 which is also payable in 3 installments (1. $97,000.00 - 2. $45,000.00 and 3. $45,000.00).

Lalik Wedding Dress is made-to-measure to the exact size of the Buyer. The length of the wide layered skirt can be adjusted to meet your request. The price listed covers sizes between 4 and 10. Price estimation will be accordingly provided for sizes above 10.

Please, allow 10 to 12 months (1570 hours of labor) for completion.

(Lalik Wedding Dress is a "Gisèle Gomez, Paris France" Creation)

12. A 102 Page Screenplay titled "Adventure on Planet X"

This play is full of gold. Just read the sellers description below.


Transported to Planet X, a group of kids meet up with strange creatures who mistakenly take them prisoner.


Man has been searching for intelligent life on other planets; after this, they'll have to keep looking.


Bored while house-sitting for her science professor, Denise Davis invites some friends over to keep her company. While showing them around, they come across one of the inventions the professor has set aside. Believing it's just a toy, Alan points it at their friend Matt and hits the trigger - Matt disappears. Denise quickly points the device at the item left in his place, and brings him back - but from where?

After testing the device on a few objects, Matt and Denise let Alan send them to Planet X. They're greeted by aliens who seem menacing, yet friendly, and definitely not-all-there upstairs.

Through a simple misunderstanding, Matt and Denise are taken prisoner. They try to reason with the aliens, but the aliens don't want to give in too easily.

When the inventor arrives home early and confronts Alan, Alan must face his fear of the unknown to convince them the device really works, and Denise and Matt are in danger.


There are two main locations for this screenplay - a house and a desert.

This could easily fit into a small budget with a creative mind making the props or be a blockbuster with the right cast and special effects.

This is a family-friendly screenplay.

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