7 Pics Of The Best Cartoon Cleavage Of All Time

In Honor of National Cleavage Day , we thought we would take a look at some of the best cartoon cleavage in history. Are we missing anyone? Let us know below.

1. Jessica Rabbit

Naturally, Jessica Rabbit comes first time to mind when we think of Cartoons and cleavage. She will always be our #1.

2. Luanne from King of the Hill

All she needs is a makeover.

3. Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Did you actually think the Beast was looking at her heart?

4. Betty Boop

Betty risked the most showing off her cleavage, at a time where women couldn’t dress as sexy as they wanted to.

5. Princess Jasmine

Other than Jessica Rabbit, Princess Jasmine is our second favorite. Exotic, dark hair, tan skin, a palace, what more could a fella want?

6. Lois Griffin

When she tries, Lois Griffin has the potential to be one of the biggest hotties on TV.

7. Ariel

These C’s were always under the sea.

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