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    12 Holiday Desserts So Pretty They'll Make You Swoon

    These holiday desserts will have you big time crushing on them.

    Cranberry Curd Tart

    NY Times / Via

    Pretty in pink. Find the recipe here.

    Cranberry Orange Frangipane Tart

    Hint of Vanilla / Via

    Frangipane might be difficult to say, but it sure is easy to eat. Get the recipe here.

    Citrus Cranberry Cake

    Roxana's Home Baking / Via

    Sweet and tart perfection. See the recipe here.

    Chocolate Peppermint Holiday Cake

    The Kitchen McCabe / Via

    Pink is the new black. Find out how to make this pretty cake here.

    The Ultimate Chocolate Bunt Cake

    Fool Proof Living / Via

    Get the recipe for the world's prettiest bunt cake here.

    Chocolate Pine Cones

    Handmade Charlotte / Via

    Almost too pretty to eat. Learn how to make them here.

    Cherries Dipped in White Chocolate

    Simple Provisions / Via

    Simple never looked so good. Here's the recipe.

    Apple Walnut Tart with Maple Custard

    Hip Foodie Mom / Via

    Learn how to make this gorgeous apple tart here.

    Chocolate Dipped Pears with Almond Crunch

    Bakers Royale / Via

    Turn pears into a decadent treat with only 3 ingredients.

    Eggnog Cupcakes with Spiced Rum

    Bakers Royale / Via

    Rum and eggnog in cupcake form. Yes! Find the recipe here.

    Iced Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

    Baking a Moment / Via

    Learn how to decorate the prettiest cookies here.

    Vegan Purple Sweet Potato Pie

    The Endless Meal / Via

    Use purple sweet potatoes for the prettiest pie. Find the recipe here.

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