Dirty Seaward
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    • Dirty Seaward

      It was their reaction to Obama’s placement of unelected Czars, recess appointments, gross misuse of executive orders, and shitty healthcare bill forced down people’s throats (that penalized states that wanted to opt out). Good for them for using the system.  Also, you speak of being productive? Liberals bashed Bush for vacations and golf. In four years, the President has played more golf, taken more vacations, and campaigned more than Bush did in eight years. How is that being productive? How is missing National Security meetings productive? How is blaming Bush productive? How is MORE government control over MY life more productive? Give power back to the states. My local and state governments know me better than Washington does. That would lessen the role of the Federal government and make it more productive because their nose wouldn’t be in the details.

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