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    • TheDaneLady

      Meh. Knowledge is power. As always, ignorance breeds fear. Personally,Iwouldn’t be able to respect any adult who’s afraid of “the dark” or harmless silverfish.  But the scary movie thing reminds ofaday where my husband had to go out of town, overnight. My mother asked whatIwas planning to do, anditold her I’d rentedabunch of awesome horror flicks. Her reaction was priceless (and surprising to me), “Those aren’t the kinds of movies you watch when you’re alone!”  HAHAHA!Ihonestly never knew people thought this way. They’re movies. They aren’t real. Wow.Isimply can’t get worked up over imagined stuff. Reality is my copilot.

    • TheDaneLady

      LOLOLOL! I’m so sick of the tall breed idiocy. Yes. THE MINIMUM allowable height for Irish Wolfhounds is 2” more than THE MINIMUM allowable height for Great Danes. (I’m sure most people aren’t aware that the height standard ranges for most other breeds are the minimum AND maximum. For Danes & Irish Wolfhounds, the breed standard includes onlyaminimum height. There is no maximum.) Yet, year after year, the tallest living dog, as well as the tallest dog ever recorded, is alwaysaGreat Dane. I’m almost at the point whereIwant the allowable minimum height for Danes to be matched to, or to exceed, that of Irish Wolfhounds, just to settle this silliness, once and for all. Yes, both Danes & Irish Wolfhounds are very tall dogs, and most of the ones you will meet will be about the same size. But the tallest? AlwaysaGreat Dane…

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