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Philae spacecraft that went dark after comet landing may soon wake up

As soon as the comet gets enough power, it will resume its duties.

Golden retriever discovers that it hates the taste of lemon

We've all had this reaction to a lemon.

Infant girl learns how to make animal noises, does so adorably

Is there anything more adorable than a baby doing an impression of a roaring lion?

Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web, but what does he think about memes?

Sir Tim Berners-Lee takes a moment to tell the Internet what he thinks about it.

Someone made a real-life replica of the demonic bear from Five Nights at Freddy's

We aren't prepared for this level of nightmare fuel.

'Office Space' with the real Michael Bolton is somehow better than the original

Nothing is better than watching the singer smash a printer to bits.

Latest iOS update comes with an Apple Watch promo app you can't delete

Apple erects a billboard for its new gadget right on your homescreen.

A programmer and artist used brainwave data to turn a seizure into song

Brian Foo is on a mission to make data audible.

'House of Cards' joins the Netflix–AT&T net neutrality fight

Who would want to mess with Frank Underwood?

Marvel unveils a 'Daredevil' trailer that's even grittier than the last one

Marvel's Daredevil series looks very... Batman.

Here's the adorable new trailer for Pixar's 'Inside Out'

Who doesn't have Amy Poehler's voice in their heads at all times?

Georgia police kill naked, unarmed veteran, sparking new outrage

Anthony Hill, a #BlackLivesMatter activist, became the latest victim of state violence.

What is Sony doing with the 'Attack on Titan' domains it just registered?

Does this mean a movie adaptation is on the way?

Wikipedia joins 8 groups in suing the NSA to stop mass surveillance

They're going to keep trying until they win.

Watch Ned Stark's entire 'Game of Thrones' plot in just 60 seconds

His plot is a lot easier to sum up than we originally thought.