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7 Space Gadgets That Are Out Of This World

Space is something that has excited up, mystified us, and sometimes even terrified us for decades upon decades now and although we now know more about it than ever before, we only truly know and understand a fraction of how space and the universe works and just how big it actually is. If you’re into your gadgets then there’s a strong chance that you’re into space and sci-fi and for that reason here’s a look at 7 space gadgets that are out of this world that any keen space enthusiast would absolutely adore.

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1. Monopoly night sky

Everybody loves a game of Monopoly from time to time and now you can enjoy the “night sky” edition of the popular board game. The game is still the same in theory, the only difference is that there is now a very strong space theme going on as well.

2. Globe – earth by day, earth by night

This globe is absolutely fantastic as when darkness falls, the globe actually lights up and illuminates to show a detailed map of city lights in the darkness. There are white, blue, green, and red LED’s that show cities as seen from space.

3. Halda space discovery

Halda are well known for creating and manufacturing complex and stunning watches that are out of this world, almost literally as is the case for this particular gadget. Page and Cooper actually supply the brand halda, who manufacture the space discovery watch, a watch designed and created for astronauts. It is hugely precise, hugely reliable, and incredibly stylish as well. It’s not exactly cheap, but it’s worth every penny.

4. The complete series of Battlestar Galactia

If you happen to know a self-confessed "geek" and you’re looking for an excuse to buy for them, (don’t forget that Christmas isn’t too far away) then there’s a good chance that they love their DVD or BLU-RAY boxsets and no self-confessed geek’s boxset collection would be complete without the entire series of Battlestar Galactia.

5. Gadget gloves

Gadget gloves are now all of the rage as they allow users to better grip their various smart devices, as well as being packed full of other functions including being able to access your devices with the touch of a finger. Expect to see these gadgets in stores very soon.

6. Celestron telescopes

Celestron telescopes are ideal for star gazers looking to get a much clearer and precise view of the sky at night. Mounted on tri-pods, being made incredibly well, and being able to be used almost instantaneously, Celestron telescopes are proving hugely popular amongst keen star gazers.