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    31 Splurge-Worthy Things From Wayfair That Are Worth Their Price Tag

    You'll really get the best bang for your buck with these products.

    1. A Novogratz audio rack to display your impressive record collection. This mid-century design gives you room for any remotes and cords, as well as your record player, all while keeping your records upright.

    White audio rack with blue drawers, a white and clear record player and a variety of records

    2. A twin over full bed with trundle and shelves so you can have all the space you need. It's got stairs instead of a ladder, which is a bit safer for whoever needs to climb down for a midnight glass of water. Plus, when your kids are ready for their own rooms, the beds can be separated.

    Light gray bunk bed with trundle, and blue, brown and white bedding

    3. A wooden swing set that'll keep the whole neighborhood entertained for hours. With slides, swings and rock climbing wall, everyone can stay entertained. There's even a large café window with a bench when it's time for lunch!

    Brown swing set with green slides, roof, and window, and yellow swings

    4. A Novogratz ceramic wood burning fire pit for keeping your fingers warm and your marshmallows toasted all winter long. With its unique design, it'll become the focal point of your backyard, and since it's built from durable weather-resistant material, you'll be able to use it for years to come.

    Charcoal gray fire pit with black poker, surrounded by blue chairs

    5. A 126-can freestanding drink fridge because everyone needs their own stash of Coca-Cola. Whether it's in your dorm room, office or teen hangout, the sleek design will fit in small spaces and the adjustable shelves make sure you can fit all your favorites inside.

    Gray drink fridge with silver and clear door beside a cream colored couch

    6. A front load washer and gas dryer with a large bath towel capacity so you don't run out of space on laundry day.

    White washer and dryer with black and clear doors and silver accents

    7. A desk with hutch that'll keep your supplies close by but still give you enough space to get your work done. The simple and clean design will work great with your space, and you'll never get tired of all the filing space!

    White desk with silver knobs and black and tan chair

    8. A 3-step pet staircase to make it easier for your favorite four-legged friend to get onto the bed. Great for smaller or older dogs, the felt-lined stairs will give them a soft leg up. Plus, the side opens up to reveal extra storage for toys or treats.

    Mahogany steps with cream felt lining

    9. A porch swing because there's nothing better than sitting on your porch at sunset with a good book. The weather-resistant finish will keep it looking good for years, and the slatted design works with a variety of porch aesthetics.

    Brown porch swing with white ropes and displaying a white and tan striped pillow and red pillow with a white rope design

    10. A Tucker Murphy felt hooded pet cave so your pet can hideout when they need some me time. There's a removable cushion, and the zipper construction means it's easy to clean and assemble.

    Gray hooded pet cave with tan zipper and white and red tags

    11. A Novogratz pet sofa to keep your pet sitting (and sleeping) pretty. This modern and stylish bed will help with your pet's aches and pains and the upholstery is stain- and water-resistant.

    Blue pet sofa with dark brown legs

    12. A key wall organizer with chalkboard that'll organize your keys and give you the chance to leave yourself important messages. It features three hooks and a shelf for some extra storage.

    Whitewash key holder with black chalkboard and black hooks

    13. A round storage ottoman for a classic addition to any space. It's an easy storage solution for all your blankets, bed sheets or towels, and its simple design means that it'll survive any number of redecoration projects.

    Cream round ottoman with brown legs

    14. A grid closet system to maximize your space and let your clothes stand out.

    White closet system with white rods and silver knobs

    15. A wrought-iron hanging oval pot rack that'll clear up cabinet space while still keeping the essentials within arm's reach. It even comes with 12 hooks for your favorite pots and pans.

    Black wrought iron pot rack with silver pots and pans hanging

    16. A flip top storage bench for keeping your entryway free of clutter. It'll hold up to 300 pounds.

    Antique gray storage bench with gray cushion and dark gray knobs

    17. A miniature kitchen pantry to maximize the space in the smallest of rooms. The microwave shelf can hold up to 45 pounds, and with baskets, shelves and a drawer, you can store a variety of snacks.

    White pantry with a variety of fruit in the baskets, a microwave on top and a toaster oven inside

    18. A single-serve coffee, latte and cappuccino Keurig machine because if you're gonna make coffee, you might as well make it fancy. The milk frother is dishwasher-safe and works on both dairy and plant-based milk and it's K-Cup compatible.

    Charcoal gray Keurig machine with silver milk frother

    19. A Cuisinart soft serve ice cream maker so you can have all the ice cream you want without changing out of your PJs. It's got three built-in condiment dispensers for sprinkles and mix-ins, and it comes with some recipes for you to try!

    White ice cream maker with silver handle, shown with blue, red, yellow, and green bowls and tan sugar cones

    20. A 9-piece bar tool set for all of your experimental cocktails. The free-flowing design give it a textured element, and the gold stainless steel keeps it chic. It's a great choice for your kitchen or a home bar!

    Gold stainless steel cocktail set displayed with clear glasses on a wooden bar cart

    21. A wooden cheese board because what's your weekly date with The Bachelorette without Brie and Gouda? It comes with all the serving utensils you need and the bamboo is sturdy and odor-resistant.

    Bamboo cheese board with stainless steel utensils

    22. A two-piece sofa and loveseat set to keep your living room cohesive and comfortable. The tuft details will give your space a chic touch, and the flared legs offer a mid-century flair.

    Ash black living room set with brown legs

    23. A Wayfair-exclusive14 game multi-game table so every game night can be different. From air hockey and ping pong to tic-tac-toe and mini-shuffleboard, you'll be occupied for hours.

    24. A velvet barrel chair for a comfy and stylish place to relax. It features smooth tonal piped channel stitching and sleek splayed legs. It holds up to 300 pounds.

    Blush barrel chair with tan legs

    25. A distressed accent mirror from Kelly Clarkson Home to give your wall an unexpected edge. It'll reflect light and make your room feel bigger by adding the illusion that your room has more windows.

    Distressed mirror with gold frame

    26. A three-piece patio bar set that'll give you a space to make your favorite drinks. Each piece is weather-resistant and has an iron inner frame, and there are two shelves for mixers and bar tools.

    Dark brown wicker resin bar set with barstools that have gray legs

    27. A reclining full body massage chair so you can relax in the comfort of your own home. There are built-in pockets and cup holders, and the chair can recline to three different positions. There's even a lift assist to make getting out of the seat a little easier. Pick between a local heating function, four massage sections, five rhythms of massage mode, and two massage intensities. There's something for everyone!

    Black faux leather massage chair with blue book in its pocket

    28. A gold moon glass decorative bowl to display your favorite seasonal décor and keep your coffee table stylish all year long. It pays homage to the traditional Italian technique to make picture frames, and is perfect for pinecones, dried flowers and more.

    Gold moon bowl

    29. A single bathroom vanity set for an elegant but functional place to get ready in the morning. It's got six soft-close drawers and a pre-sealed marble countertop.

    Maple gray vanity set with marble countertop and backsplash and silver handles

    30. A four-light geometric chandelier so you can greet your guests with a warm glow. Its height can be adjusted and it's dimmable. The twig-like arms and crystal leaves will add enchantment and glamour to your home.

    Dark brown chandelier with attached crystals

    31. And a nonslip outdoor doormat to greet your guests before they even come inside!

    Brown doormat with black letters

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