The "Shadow And Bone" Cast In Other TV Shows And Movies

    I am, in fact, Prince Caspian's #1 fan.

    1. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

    Ben Barnes in Prince Caspian

    2. Locked Up Abroad: "Panamania"

    Jessie Mei Li in Panamania

    3. Voyagers

    Archie Renaux in Voyagers

    4. Doctor Who: "Demons of the Punjab"

    Amita Suman in Demons of the Punjab

    5. Westworld

    Ben Barnes on Westworld

    6. Free Rein

    Freddy Carter in Free Rein

    7. Berlin Station

    Julian Kostov in Berlin Station

    8. The Musketeers

    Howard Charles in The Musketeers

    9. Gold Digger

    10. Endeavor: "Pylon"

    Kit Young in Pylon

    11. Mr. Selfridge

    Zoë Wanamaker in Mr. Selfridge

    12. Guilt

    13. Stardust

    Ben Barnes in Stardust

    14. Liar

    Howard Charles in Liar

    15. Daughter

    Amita Suman in Daughter

    16. Jackie & Ryan

    Ben Barnes in Jackie & Ryan

    17. Game of Thrones: "The Last of the Starks"

    Danielle Galligan in The Last of the Starks

    18. 15 Days

    Freddy Carter in 15 Days

    19. The Big Wedding

    Ben Barnes in The Big Wedding

    20. Enforcement

    Simon Sears in Enforcement

    21. The Syndicate

    Daisy Head in The Syndicate

    22. The Outpost

    Amita Suman in The Outpost

    23. The Punisher

    Ben Barnes in The Punisher

    24. The Convent

    Freddy Carter in The Convent

    25. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

    Zoë Wanamaker in Harry Potter

    26. Alex Rider

    Howard Charles in Alex Rider

    27. Harlots

    Daisy Head in Harlots

    28. And of course, Shadow and Bone: The Afterparty

    The cast of Shadow and Bone in the Netflix afterparty

    Obviously there are a ton of other projects these actors are in — drop your favorites in the comments!