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    21 Reactions To The Women In "Army Of The Dead"

    "Thinking about her."

    Army of the Dead, which premiered on Netflix on May 14, follows a group of mercenaries after a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas.


    They make their way into the quarantine zone in an attempt to pull off the greatest heist ever, and a lot goes down along the way.


    People are loving the film's women, and here are 21 reactions to prove it.


    Possible spoilers ahead!


    ✨The power of the women in Army of the Dead✨

    Twitter: @SassySledgehmmr


    The acting ensemble in Army of the Dead is great, but Richard Cetrone and Athena Perample deserve special acknowledgement for their work, which is off-the-charts insane in the best possible way

    Twitter: @defnotkevin


    just finished Army of the Dead and Samantha Win, that's it

    Twitter: @samosasaurus


    i really hope to see Ella Purnell in a lot more things in the future, she’s a fantastic actress and i’m so glad Army of the Dead was my first introduction to her because now i just want to see her in everything 💀

    Twitter: @qLxke_


    Watched Army Of The Dead on Netflix and I had no idea Tig Notaro was completely green screened into the film for all of her scenes. I'm impressed.

    Twitter: @Nictack


    just finished watching army of the dead ana de la reguera be my wife

    Twitter: @acasanvers


    I watched Army of the dead for the plot. The plot:

    Twitter: @daniloo_pr



    watching army of the dead for ana and nora

    Twitter: @nayasrivera2


    @NetflixGeeked watched @ZackSnyder’s 'Army of the Dead' on Netflix yesterday and enjoyed it. The helicopter pilot Marianne Peters had some awesome one liners. She played the role flawlessly. She could've been an extra on Top Gun! Very well done.

    Twitter: @rshah2611


    Twitter: @awantang_



    Im watching Army Of The Dead and it’s 100% for Tig Notaro and I’m absolutely ok with that.

    Twitter: @britldn


    Chambers in Army of the Dead is the type of character I want to play in zombie games. What a legend.

    Twitter: @mjeowlnir


    @athenaperample KILLED IT as the Alpha Queen zombie in @netflix Army of the Dead directed by @ZackSnyder! 🧟‍♀️

    Twitter: @ShawnMorseFX


    New background because the Coyote is the best character in Army of the Dead and I will hear no arguments.

    Twitter: @MsNukleopatra


    After ARMY OF THE DEAD, I hope they give Samantha Win more gigs, because she truly was such a freaking badass. #ArmyOfTheDead

    Twitter: @SoufyanH_


    watched army of the dead and coyote has my whole heart

    Twitter: @everydayrobsten


    Just finished Army of the Dead. I really liked it! Not sure it makes my top favorite Snyder films, but I definitely enjoyed myself. Chambers was a boss, and I will be mad about that for a long time. 😂 #ArmyOfTheDead

    Twitter: @RelentlessRyan


    @JMikeMorbid The Alpha Queen from Army of the Dead. Or The Coyote from the same movie.

    Twitter: @DarekScary

    21. And finally:

    Did you enjoy Army of the Dead? Who's your favorite character? Let us know in the comments!


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