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What Your Jewish Mother Thinks Of Golden Globe Dresses- 2016

Robin, Lilli, and Blair couldn't wait to come back with their snarky best for this year's Golden Globe awards! Here are their best remarks, unfiltered as always, on the best and worst dressed of the night.

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R: I would have preferred to see it with some outstanding earrings rather than the necklace. Bet she had some cute security guards, though.

B: Loved the dress and necklace, but thought it was looked a bit severe due to her updo. Did her new BFF Amy Schumer approve?

L: I love everything about this look: the lipstick red, the cutouts, the NECKLACE! I want this dress! I want to be Jennifer Lawrence IN this dress!

Amy Schumer

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R: The dress makes her look like a cross between a nun and a pilgrim, but how can you not love Amy Schumer?

B: Was her new boyfriend hiding under that skirt? What was going on under there?

L: In 1988, I was a bridesmaid in my sister-in-law's wedding...... and I wore this dress! I hated it then (sorry, sister-in-law!), and I hate it now.

Lady Gaga

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R: Thank you, Gaga, for taking what must have been hours to cover up your tattoos! While I usually like to see something unexpected from her, this works well for her, for a change.

B: Thought she looked wonderful, and glad to see her without Tony Bennett for a change.

L: I just love it when Lady does Old Hollywood. Looks like she's channeling Lana Turner this time, and it's perfection. (I'd love to know who does her eyebrows!)

Julianne Moore

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R: Gorgeous. Classic Julianne, fabulous color on her. I hope she did a lot of twirling that night, because the back is stunning.

B: I’ve seen her look better, but she still looked pretty damn good.

L: Safe (although I'm not sure about the color), but really pretty. I don't think I've ever seen Julianne Moore have an off day.

Jennifer Lopez

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R: A cape, a major slit, massive draping, a train, and enough “carats” to feed the world’s entire bunny population. It’s all a bit much.

B: JLo can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. If anyone can pull off this dress and color, it’s her.

L: Wow! Gorgeous dress, just the right amount of bling, and if there's a more perfect shade of yellow, I've never seen it. And I just love this color with the dark red lips and nail polish. Stunning!

Cate Blanchett

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R: Too matronly looking! Very disappointing. The fashion gods will probably strike me down for saying that, but it’s just the way I feel.

B: This looked like something Fashion By Mayhem would have made. Disappointing.

L: One or two less layers maybe? Less embroidery? I guess that would make it a completely different dress, though, wouldn't it. Yes, that's it, she should have worn a completely different dress.

Kate Hudson

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R: If you’ve got it, flaunt it…but maybe not like this? Judging by how many times she adjusted her dress during the interviews, I would say there was something of a fit issue.

B: Kate, we know you have a rockin’ body. This may have been more appropriate for the VMA’s.

L: Okay, now THAT looks good. As long as she has the figure for it, she should wear three shiny strips of fabric every day.

Amy Adams

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R: Looking beautiful in an unexpected color for her.

B: Didn’t love the color on her. Clashed with her hair and the carpet.

L: I LOVE orange! But, sadly, not this orange. This might actually be the worst color I've ever seen. And it doesn't fit.

Melissa McCarthy

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R: Goddess! Great accessories. Love her with her hair down.

B: Was this from her new fashion line? Or from the costume closet of Star Wars?

L: The winner! If only this were a contest where you have to fashion a bathrobe out of a Hefty bag. But it's not.

Kirsten Dunst

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R: There must be a run on tape in Hollywood tonight. Good thing those strings didn’t come undone!

B: Enough with the cleavage, ladies. Maybe she had it on backwards?

L: All it took were three little black strings to give this sexy look just the right amount of class and sophistication. I really, really love this.


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R: She looks gorgeous. One of the best dresses of the evening.

B: Love this dress on her. Is she around seven feet tall?

L: If the most perfect red rose magically transformed into a lovely young lady, it would look exactly like Zendaya in this gown.

Brie Larson

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R: Brie must be gearing up for the Oscars, as she looks just like the statuette. And after she attends the Oscars, she can go to the beach in this outfit!

B: Thumbs up. She’s a cutie.

L: You'd think that a million head to toe gold sparkles would be 999,999 sparkles to many, but Brie still manages to look sweet and understated. She nailed it.

Viola Davis

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R: Starlight, starbright…Viola, you forgot your fairy wand!

B: Viola always looks stunning. I liked her ‘map of the constellations’ dress.

L: Oh, I get it! Star Wars! No, but seriously, doesn't her dress look like a map of the constellations?

Natalie Dormer

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R: One of the major misses of the night. The black collar looks like something out of a scifi movie.

B: Don’t know who she is and don’t like her dress either. Get rid of the black choker and it would’ve been ok.

L: Interesting how one girl can look positively radiant in a red dress, and another can look downright dull. And next time she should think about hiring a professional to do her hair and makeup.

Alicia Vikander

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R: A young and fresh look for a young and fresh new star! Great job.

B: Loved her in The Danish Girl and love this on her too. Stunning and elegant.

L: This could have gone very wrong, but it didn't. Good thing she's young enough and pretty enough to pull off a white pinafore. She took a risk, and it paid off.

Emilia Clarke

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R: Next stop, a funeral in the 19th century. Just don’t forget your gloves.

B: That wasn’t Valentino Haute Couture. It was Haute Goth.

L: "I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too."

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