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Batwoman For Mayor of DC

Apparently BATWOMAN is running for mayor of Washington DC. Bitch has balls (also, she's a lesbian).

Sammy K 10 years ago

One Eyed Monster

A movie about Ron Jeremy's possessed penis killing everyone. Seriously.

Sammy K 10 years ago

The Gay Best Friend

An examination of gays and how we are the cliched "best friend"

Sammy K 10 years ago

Ninja Robs 7-11

A ninja with a sword robbed a Dallas 7-11. The pirates planning their next move.

Sammy K 10 years ago

One Man. One Dream. One Chance...

To Do Gay Porn. Some dude is trying to win his ex girlfriend back by bailing hay and lifting giant tires which makes it seem more like a gay porn audition.

Sammy K 10 years ago

Pizza Hut To Deliver Beer

A Pizza Hut in Texas is now delivering beer along with pizza that tastes like poverty.

Sammy K 10 years ago

Koala Bears Are In Trouble

Wildfires in Australia are causing Koala bears to turn to humans for help. This fireman saves one with water and love.

Sammy K 10 years ago

Does My Son Have A Secret Girlfriend?

Some lady asks if her son has a secret girlfriend leaving naked man porn in his room, cause it's impossible her little boy is a gay.

Sammy K 10 years ago

Lesbian Batwoman To Lead DC's Namesake

Batwoman is now going to head up Detective Comics, which isn't her own title necessarily, but still puts her in the forefront. The company is named after the title after all.

Sammy K 10 years ago