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    Xbox Series X And S Are Officially Out And People Are Hyped

    The Xbox Series X and S drop today and gamers are rejoicing.

    Today on The Buzz:

    1. Xbox released its new Series X and S and people are absolutely losing it.

    The #XboxSeriesX and #XboxSeriesS are finally here and people are desperate to get their hands on them 🎮 #TheBuzz

    2. Someone forgot to tell these movie fans there's no crying in baseball.

    If push comes to glove which of these baseball movies are you choosing? ⚾️ #TheBuzz

    3. "Umbrella Academy" fans got an unexpected treat from Netflix.

    🚨THIS IS NOT A DRILL! #UmbrellaAcademy is getting another season and fans can’t handle the news ☂️ #TheBuzz

    4. Beyoncé is giving you another reason to max out your credit card.

    Buckle up, #Beyhive — Beyoncé's latest announcement is making people *very* happy 🐝🚲 #TheBuzz