Meet Muppet, The Pig-Cat

He survived Hurricane Sandy to become the first cat to ever snort pure adorableness.

1. This is Muppet. His owners found him after Hurricane Sandy, injured and wandering around all alone in Brooklyn.

2. So they took him to the vet, and Muppet wasn’t really into it.

3. For a while, he had to limp around adorably while his little kitty leg healed, which was kind of a bummer.

4. But Muppet learned the importance of accessorizing, and soon no one was looking at his cast, just his collection of flashy bandanas.

5. Once his cast was off, Muppet started to explore the wild jungle outside his new home, and it was good.

6. Soon, he began to feel comfortable in his surroundings.

7. Like, super comfortable.

8. And he started to love his new home.

9. And the humans who fed him.

10. So Muppet decided to reveal his true identity to his new family, because Muppet was no ordinary cat.

11. He was a Pig-Cat, destined to snort adorably until everyone around him passed out from the cute overload.

12. And once his new family lay passed out around him, unable to handle the cute, Muppet napped. For his job was done.

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