25 Signs You’re About To Turn 25

Emma Stone is already 25, it’s fine. IT’S FINE. (Help.)

25. You’re trying not to think about it, but wherever you go, there it is.

24. Birthday? Nope, no birthday for you this year. Birthdays aren’t a thing. You’re 24 years old forever now.

23. You’re not interested in having a party this year, you’d prefer to quietly contemplate that you’re halfway through your 20’s.

22. You start to think of life in terms of a pie chart, and how turning 25 means you’ve lived 1/4 of your life. That is, if you even live to be 100 years old, SERIOUSLY? WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? WHERE DID THE TIMEPIE GO?


21. You wrestle with the idea of what you thought your job would be at age 25:

20. And what your job actually is:

CBS / Via wifflegif.com

19. You’ve started lying to your friends from school about what you’ve accomplished since graduating.

18. You’re realizing that when your parents were your age, they were married with a kid and a house, and that is unacceptable.

17. This is the year you officially cross the line and relate more to Squidward than to Spongebob.

Nickelodeon / Via wewereborntudie.tumblr.com

16. You have fantasies about moving to a foreign country without telling anyone, and becoming a contented farmer.

15. You’re spending way too much time looking up life advice quotes on Tumblr.


14. You know that everyone 20 years of age and under will now see you as “old.”

13. You’re deeply concerned that your “youth” is over and that you wasted it on Netflix.

12. You’ve begun telling your friends who are still in college to make the most of it while they can.

Paramount / Via scamanders.tumblr.com

And then you walk off into the mist alone.

11. You’re looking back at all the important decisions you’ve made in your life, and wondering if they were the wrong ones.

Paramount / Via taintedgray.tumblr.com


Paramount / Via taintedgray.tumblr.com

9. You’ve recently reached out to an ex since every single person in the world is getting engaged on Facebook.

8. And then you made an online dating profile, because you only have so much pie left to find a soulmate.

7. You’re not really even sure what it is, but you’re going to join the Peace Corps.

6. You briefly decided to officially give up on your Hogwarts acceptance letter, and then reconsidered.

5. You’ve stopped “liking” your more successful friends’ Facebook posts.

4. You’ve started googling celebrities who are already 25.

Screen Gems / Via mendaciousangel.tumblr.com

Emma Stone is already 25, EVERYONE RELAX.

3. And are always relieved to find that you’re in seriously good company:

2. So try not to freak out too much, it’s not like you’re turning 26 (OMGOMG SHADDUP).

1. No one’s got it all figured out at 25.

Not even Emma Queenofawesome Stone.

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