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15 Times Madonna And Miley Cyrus Were The Same

They should totally have lunch. They'd have a lot to talk about.

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That time they both made a red sports jersey look super sexy, and everyone was like, "Sports are great, I'm totally into sports now."

That time they both blew smoke out of their mouths and everyone was like, "Don't smoke, but seriously, smoking is so hot now."

That time they both liked spending time with kids, and everyone was like, "I used to hate kids but kids are the best."

That time they both kissed another blonde girl and everyone was like, "What? But that's hot."

That time they both wore a crop-top, and then everyone went out and got a gym membership.

That time they both stuck their tongues out, and everyone was like, "Tongues are so hot right now."

That time they both looked really smokin' in a black tubetop, and everyone was like, "Yeah, f*ck sleeves."

That time they both advocated the crotch-grab, and everyone was like, "Crotch-grabs are the new high fives."

That time they both wore black veils, and everyone decided that funerals are totally the new weddings.

That time they both wore grills, and everyone was like, "This is even weirder than when Ryan Lochte did it, but we still love you both."

That time they both loved Minnie Mouse, so everyone was like, "I need a polka dot dress LIKE NOW."


That time they both rocked the faux-hawk, so everyone chopped off their hair and immediately regretted it.

That time they started a licking trend, and everyone was like, "Household objects are sexy, gimme that cheese grater."

That time they both kept forgetting to wear shirts under their suits, and everyone tried to copy them and then got fired.

That time they both wanted to be the Queen of America, but everyone was just like, "Don't make us choose, you can both rule over us!"

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