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10 Bridesmaids Who Really Wanted To Catch The Bouquet

Victory was within their grasp. And then it was gone.

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10. And in that moment, she knew that her arm would never be long enough to touch victory.

9. "Now, the world has no meaning," she thought, and gripped at the empty air.

8. She watched from afar, tasting near-victory on her tongue. It was a bitter taste.

7. There was enough injustice in the world as it was, she would not let the bride's weak tossing-arm add to that injustice. She demanded a re-throw.

6. For the rest of her life, she would never forgive herself for that half-inch of error.

5. She was a two-time triathlon champion, but fate knows no strength. She returned home empty-handed.

4. Not even her sudden transformation into a bullfrog could win her the bouquet.

3. As she felt victory crumble in her hands, she knew nothing would ever be the same.

2. She had been the best softball player on her high school team, but her skills had failed her today.

1. "It is better," she thought, "to have a piece of victory than no victory at all!" And then she attacked.

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