5 Examples Of Sentient Vs. Non-Sentient Disney Animals

Where does Disney draw the line?

We have all at some point realized, though Goofy and Pluto are both dogs, Goofy has a little more going on. He wears clothes, stands upright, and goes skiing, while Pluto wears a collar and lives in the yard.

Here is a picture of Goofy riding a bike like a human, and Pluto eating a bone (a traditionally non-human food item).

This may seem like a single oversight by the Disney team


There is precedent to say that these arbitrary distinctions are more the rule than the exception.

Here are 5 examples of Sentient Vs. Non-Sentient Disney Animals

4. 1. Beauty and the Beast

In a film overrun with talking items, there is a pair of animals with opposing amounts of human characteristics.

5. Phillipe the Horse

Here is a picture of Phillipe, Belle’s horse. He looks terrified. Not horse terrified. BIG WHITE HUMAN EYE TERRIFIED. And what is it that terrifies him?

6. These Straight Up Wolves

These wolves don’t feel frightened or sassy. They feel one thing: HUNGRY. That’s how wolves feel.

Here is a great visual example of “hungry” vs. “aware of his own mortality.”

8. 2. The Rescuers

In a movie about talking mice, you’d expect a little more consistency.

9. Evinrude the Dragonfly

Though he can not speak like his mousy cohorts, Evinrude the dragonfly clearly has created friendships so strong, he is willing to put himself at risk for the good of the group. He eventually finds himself at risk when he runs into…

10. Bats!

While Evinrude is smart enough to hide inside a glass bottle, these drone-like killing machines are too dumb to realize they can’t bite through it.

11. 3. The Rescuers Down Under

13 years separate this sequel from the original. Apparently that is not enough time to clear up these incongruities.

12. Marahute the Eagle

This eagle has a name and lets a kid ride on it’s back, but other than that it just soars majestically, the one thing eagles do.

13. Wilbur the Albatross

This albatross is giving a thumbs up and wearing a bra.

14. 4. The Lion King

Even in Pride rock there is confusion as to which animals are important enough to think, and it can all be summed up in one, major, life altering scene: The Stampede.

15. The Wildebeests

Just look. Look at those blank faces. Those dead, dumb eyes. They are running for no reason. They. Feel. NOTHING.

16. Simba

Do you see this?!?! This lion is CRYING. CRYING HUMAN TEARS. I guess someone has to after those remorseless wildebeests.

17. 5. Aladdin

Here we might have the most egregious violation of the distribution of animal anthropomorphism. The examples will be offered from “least sentient” to “talking bird.”

18. Rajah the Tiger

Rajah is a house cat. He is a very large, very dangerous house cat, but more or less Rajah sticks to purring when petted and rubbing against his master.

19. Abu the Monkey

Here is a picture of Abu displaying the human sin of greed. How many monkeys do you know who understand the monetary value of a rare jewel? He may not have the gift of speech, but he is very human.

Don’t think he has human qualities? Here is a photo of Abu portrayed by an actual human child.

And finally…

22. Gilbert Gottfried

Next time we’ll talk about who has to wear pants.

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