The 10 Best Celebrity Falls

HAHAHAHA (Nobody’s Perfect!)

10. Can you guess which Destiny’s Child star takes a spill?

Michelle, obviously!

9. Robbie Williams

Thanks for the explanation dude, but no one asked.

8. Taylor Swift

A+ recovery!

7. Lady Gaga

At least she gets back up again.

6. Chris Martin

Rolling around on the ground like you were meant to be there? Well played.

5. Lil Wayne

Too much syzzurp + slippery stage = the weezy slide

4. Steven Tyler

All those jumping jacks and spins really got to him.

3. Rihanna

Is that Rihanna or Carrot Top?

2. Fidel Castro

Even revolutionaries face plant.

1. Juan Gabriel

He really messed up the Mexican 2-step.

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