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This Runway Show Channels The Face Of Anonymous In "Hierarchy Of Needs"

21-year-old Canadian fashion designer Adrian Wu presented this show at the Toronto fashion week as his 2012 Fall/Winter collection. Is it worthy of the Legion?

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Highlights of Adrian Wu's show.

It's difficult to talk about Anonymous without triggering a heated reaction. What some see as modern day folk heroes - as a Guy Fawkes or Robin Hood for the digital age - others see merely as a nuisance, or an interruption to their daily routine.

As an individual (simply as one editor of TAL, not accounting for all of our perspectives, and not as a direct affiliate of BuzzFeed), I find the potential of Anonymous thrilling, standing as a monument against subversive oppression. Still, there's no denying that Anonymous is, in the surprisingly apt terms of D&D, "Chaotic Neutral." And it's true that due to the nature of anonymity, anyone can claim to be "Anonymous," and carry out actions that seem counter to the progressive hacktivist collective that Anonymous is often known for when considered in a sympathetic light.

In short - if you engage Anonymous, you may find yourself playing with fire. And yet, I believe that Anonymous is a force worth engaging with and talking about. To not do so is simply caving to another force of oppression - which is exactly what Anonymous, at its best, stands against.

What, then, would Anonymous think of this show? Will it even cross their radar? If it did, would they discount it out of hand due to the medium it is presented in? It's difficult to say. And, without our resident fashion editor at hand, I can't speak to the aesthetic or the success (or any real analysis) of Wu's message with a significant amount of perspective. From my limited point of view, however, I think the looks are well tailored and, in part, pleasant to look at - it seems like a promising collection from such a young designer. I've seen a number of comments from other sources that disagree, but that's fashion, is it not? A subjective experience, much like the rest of life.

Love this line, hate it, or simply want to vent about my windbag-waste-of-space commentary, take to the comments below and fire away.

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