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    These Animal Statues Were Made From Woodchips

    Created by Russian artist Sergey Bobkov, these astonishing sculptures are composed almost entirely of woodchips. My fingers have never felt so large and useless.

    Sergey Bobkov uses a self-developed technique to keep the chips from crumbling, soaking the woodchips in water for a number of days, which then makes them flexible enough to sculpt. He primarily works with cembra pine, but will use other wood as occasion demands, including Siberian cedar. Each piece takes about six months to complete. The statues themselves are a work of pure passion, and Bobkov has refused to sell any of his pieces, despite any number of generous offers.

    So no, I'm afraid you cannot have a woodchip owl. Unless you'd like to make your own, of course.

    Impressive doesn't begin to cover work like this.