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Katy Perry Goes Makeup-Free In This Clip From "Part Of Me"

On July 2nd, Katy Perry is getting the movie treatment with Part of Me. In this clip, we get a rare glimpse of Perry rocking the natural look.

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Here's the thing: I can't claim to be a huge Katy Perry fan - or really, much of a fan at all. There was a point where I watched the video to "E.T." about a billion times within a period of two weeks, but apart from that, I've never been what you could call, "a K-Hard" (or Perrite?). That said, it's always fascinating to see celebrities when they aren't professionally made-up, and, on the other side of the spectrum, aren't caught by the paparazzi (or a certain ex-husband) in a deliberately unflattering pose.

What say you? Bold move by Perry, or could you not care less?

I think she looks just dandy myself, and somewhat removed from the glamorized pin-up image she typically presents - which, as I see it, is a bit of a breath of fresh air.

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