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    A Super Mario Love Story, Told Through 30 Mario Products

    The Mushroom Kingdom can now be your kingdom. This is a guide to your perfect, Mario themed life.

    1. Frog Mario Ring

    2. Piranha Earrings

    3. Chain Chomp Earrings

    4. 1up Earrings

    5. Mario and Luigi High Five Shoes

    6. Mario Plush Keychains

    7. Mario MacBook Decal

    8. Super Mario Mousepad

    9. Mario Monopoly

    10. Mario Checkers

    11. Mario Themed Wine Stopper

    12. Mario and Co. Moustache Shot Glasses

    13. Hand Painted Large Box of Awesome

    14. Action Figures From The Super Mario Movie

    15. Mushroom Touch Lamp

    16. Block Lamp

    17. 8-bit Mario Cutting Board

    18. Mario Cat Hat

    19. Yoshi Friendship Bracelet

    20. Super Mario Greeting Cards

    21. Painting of Mario and Luigi as Ghostbusters

    22. Super Mario Gummies

    23. Peach and Mario Themed Wedding Attire

    24. Super Mario Bow Tie

    25. Mario Themed Wedding Cake

    26. Maternity Photo Frame

    27. Onesie For Little Ones

    28. Mario Wall Decals

    29. Coin Block Piggy Bank

    30. Hand-knit Mario Cap