35 Incredible Papercraft Models From The Gaming World

Remember all those years you spent folding badass paper airplanes as a kid? Well… prepare to be humbled.

Papercraft is a unique method of modeling, in that the majority can be done without any official materials. Often, the designs are made by fans in 3D programs, and are freely distributed on the internet. Anyone wishing to attempt their own papercraft model can then download and print the design, thereby embarking on their own papercraft adventure. In fact, should you be a high level paper wizard yourself, most of the models below offer the design at the source.

I would attempt one myself, but considering the fact that I could never even make a paper airplane that flew straight, I think these might be a little out of my league…

5. Dog from Half-Life 2

6. Bulbasaur from Pokémon

7. Green and Red from Castle Crashers

9. Young Link from The Ocarina of Time

11. Darknut from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

12. Claptrap from Borderlands

13. Mimic from Dragon Quest VIII

15. ViVi from Final Fantasy IX

16. Vaan from Final Fantasy XII

17. Tonberry from the Final Fantasy series

18. Snake in his Box (from Metal Gear)

21. ‘Chibi’ Heather from Silent Hill 3

22. The Nurse from Silent Hill: Homecoming

23. Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2

24. Crash from Crash Bandicoot

26. Frost Dragon from Skyrim

27. Big Sister from Bioshock 2

28. The Normandy from Mass Effect

29. Garrus from Mass Effect

31. Grunt from Mass Effect 2

34. Demon Hunter from Diablo III

35. The Sniper from Team Fortress 2

Dunder Mifflin would be proud.

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