25 Animals That Are Incredibly Proud Of Themselves

You might even say, too proud. It seems that some of these animals might be starting to get a bit of an ego…

1. “Do not mock the neckbeard, human. The neckbeard has warded off many teeth during this lifetime.”

2. “I’m the direct descendant of a lion, you know.”

3. “I may be among the last of my kind, but I will never bear the weight of a collar, or the humiliation of a master. Never will I wear a doggie sweater.”

4. “This will be the single most important portrait you ever paint. Focus, human.”

5. “That’s my cousin on TV. We’re all rooting for you out here, Rufus.”

6. “I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I’m kind of a big deal in the states…”

7. “I didn’t eat a tourist this month. Not even one.”

8. “Yeah, you know, Skrillex and I go way back.”

9. “My human serves me Fancy Feast every day. For I am Cat.”

10. “That little Gecko in those commercials? I ate him.”

11. “Winter is coming. And I’ll be ready when it does.”

12. “The crocodile stood no chance. Take me to Lake Placid. I’ll end that one too.”

13. ” I mean, come on. Just look at me.”

14. “That puny hole you dug back there, human? I made it better.”

15. “I can see Russia from my perch.”

16. “Gosh, I’m just psyched to be here.”

17. “Haters gonna hate. Can’t explain that.”

18. “I did it! I graduated! Where’s the treat? Can I have the treat now?”

19. “Not on my watch, pal.”

20. “They said our love was impossible. That it wouldn’t last. They were wrong.”

21. “Check it out. Puppy Calendar. Mister June.”

22. “Dorothy would have never made it without me.”

23. “So I can’t fly. Who cares? I am literally Royalty.”

24. “My agent just called. I’m all set for War Horse 2. It’s going to directed by this guy named Michael Bay. You probably haven’t heard of him…”

25. “Look, I just tossed my uncle off a burning cliff (thereby reclaiming my throne), then orchestrated a kingdom wide dance party, after which I sired a cub worthy of front page r/aww. Any questions?”


Because lasers.

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