23 Memes Get The Pop Art Treatment

Internet memes aren’t just for the internet anymore — they’re also for your walls. This month, Gallery 1988 presents an artistic reinterpretation of a number of memes, many of which are available for purchase.

1. “First World Problems” by Aled Lewis

2. “Not Sure If Art” by Aled Lewis

3. “Nyan!” by Allison Reimold

4. “Prowlin’” by Benjie

5. “Star Wars Kid” by Bruce White

6. “So You Made A Willy Wonka Meme” by Carlos Ramos

7. “Face Palm” by Casey Weldon

8. “All Your Base Are Belong To Them (A New Hope)” by Chris DeLorenzo

9. “The Eye Of Providence” by Dan Lydersen

10. “Lemon Party” by Fernando Reza

11. “I Can Has Meme Cards?” by Glen Brogan

12. “Loafin’ Around” by Jenna Puente

13. “Y U No Have Caption?” by Jesse Riggle

14. “Caturday Night Fever!” by Jude Buffum

15. “Soon (Gold)” by Justin White

16. “Pug Me Gusta” by Kelly Vivanco

17. “Business Cat” by Kyle McCoy

18. “The Slender Man” by Michael Ramstead

19. “Old Spice-Guy & Wild Horse” by Mick Minogue

20. “Insanity” by N.C. Winters

21. “Sad Hobo Clown Keanu” by Philip Tseng

22. “Look At This Stuff. Isn’t It Neat? I Got It At A Thrift Store.” by Priscilla Wilson

23. “Just Shut Up” by William Henry

You can see more of the pieces here, or in person at the show that runs from May 4th to 26th, located at 7020 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA.

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