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8 Great Forward Thinking Gadgets That You Need To See

Kickstarter is home to some awesome and unusual product ideas. Here are 8 of our favourites.

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1) MiiBeast - Who Said Speakers Had To Be Boring?

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MiiBeast is the bluetooth speaker and stand in its most advance form. It'll change how you use your Tablets and Smartphones every day. Kickstarter:

2) Cubit - Lost your phone? Missed an event? Don't Make That Mistake Again.

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Cubit will energise your style, keep you up to date with events and find those missing items. Kickstarter:

3) The SHIELD - The Ultimate Tech Jacket

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With a shell of carbon fiber properties, detachable hood with discreet storage pouch, The SHIELD Tech Jacket will protect you from RFID theft. Kickstarter:

4) CastAR - Bringing AR Into VR

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Thirty-five years since R2-D2 shared that holographic moment with Chewbacca, CastAR deliver an augmented reality into virtual reality. Kickstarter:

5) OmniPack - What More Could You Need In A Bag?

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Omnipacks are all-in-one backpacks that contain an amplified speaker, front lights, a taillight, a USB phone charger and battery. Kickstarter:

6) Ostrich Pillow Light - Power Napping Provider

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Bring a smile to your face by catching some quick private zzz’s whilst on the go. Kickstarter:

7) Bitlock - Turn Your Phone Into Your Bike Key

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No more need for those Boris Bikes with this low cost peer-to-peer bike sharing among individuals and communities. Kickstarter:

8) Ticker - The Watch That Counts Down Your Life

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Imagine someone told you that you only had 1 year left to live. How would that change your life? Kickstarter:

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