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The Life and Times of a SoCal College Student

It's not all bleached blondes and skateboarders. Wait a second...

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20. The Best Hang Out Spot: Disneyland

Problem with that?

19. Skateboarders: Basically Everywhere

18. Typical Day

It's so beautiful.

17. Everyone on the Roads

Except understand left turns.

16. How People Routinely Communicate

With their phones and those unlucky people surrounding them.

15. College Sports

No one cares.

14. When someone says they're an Actor

13. You know the answer to this question:


11. The only parking is Street Parking

Seriously. The ONLY PARKING.

10. What you have to do to get attention at a party

Why does everyone look like a model? How is that even genetically possible?

9. When someone gets tickets to a talk show

Especially if it's Ellen. It's almost always Ellen.

8. Starbucks Run

7. When you find out someone in your class is related to a Celebrity

Keep it cool. Keep it cool. KEEP IT COOL.

But the next time you see them...

6. What the Campus Career Center has to deal with on a daily basis

5. Trying to decide what to wear to class


4. When someone asks if you want to go to the beach


3. When they ask if we're voting Republican

2. Saturday Night

1. When In-N-Out is closed at 2am

Why are these not open 24 hours?

Not what you'd expect?

Sure going to college in SoCal can have it's perks...

But sometimes everyone seems to be thinking this

But you still live in one of the greatest places in the world


That's more like it.

That's more like it.

Southern California is Awesome!

If you're not in SoCal...

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