The Life And Times Of A Film Student

5,4,3, no job for you!

1. When the professor says our entire grade is based on one final project

“It’s only a 20 page screenplay.” “No there’s no rubric.” “What ever you want.”

2. In non-film classes (that you have to take)

I forgot we even went to a liberal arts school.

3. When a camera is turned your direction

4. How everyone reacts to Screenwriting students

Just take the script. Just take it!

5. When someone says they got an internship at a studio

6. When they ask who is driving to set

7. When you first arrive to set

8. Being a Grip or PA on set

A.K.A. Freshman.

9. Crafty’s lunch setup is 10 minutes late

This is what happens the 6 hours in which you’ve been eating peanut m&m’s and other junk food on the crafty table.

10. The Director and the Audio Student

11. The minute set is wrapped

12. Every Saturday night

13. Why you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend/ friends

14. Why you aren’t working on your “talent”

15. As graduation draws near

And you have a BFA in Film Production.

17. Your faith in your degree

18. Your parents

Will always support you…in their basement.

20. Remember…the future is bright

21. Trying to get a job

22. If you think you can be an assistant

23. Just remember you’re not alone

24. And that’s sort of the problem

25. But someday…

26. You’ll have a job!

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