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The 21 Types Of Girls On Every College Campus

You see them texting in class. You try to chat them up at parties. You have no idea what their names are.

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21. The Girl in the Front Row

She knows all the answers and knows that there are in fact stupid questions.

20. The Peace Studies Major


19. The Girl Who Obviously Has Never Been to a Party Before

18. The Theatre Studies Major

17. The Group

They're together. Always together.

16. The Girl That Only Comes to the First Two Weeks of Class

She is never seen or heard from again.

15. The Women's Studies Major

14. The Overnight Success

No one knows where she came from or how she got there.

13. The Hipster

Everything sounds better on vinyl. Like, everything.

12. The Education Major

The student has become the master. Literally.

11. The Drinker

But everyone else can...

10. The Girl Everyone Knows

How is it possible that she knows so many people, it's mathematically impossible? Oh, and she's nice!

9. The Psychology Major

8. The Mediator

7. That Girl Who Always Asks Questions

She pretends to get it. I don't think she does.

6. The Terminally Single

Cheesy romantic movies on Netflix just aren't the same when you are alone forever.

5. The Creative Writing Major

What to write. What to write. What to do with my life.

4. The Stressed

Eighteen-credit semesters, man. Eighteen-credit semesters.

3. The Girl Who's Engaged

She's taken. She will forever be taken.

It's a scary concept for us single people to grasp.

Well...forever's a long time.

We are in college, after all.

2. The Cheerleader

And Last But Certainly Not Least...

1. The Girl Who Posts on Buzzfeed

And categorizes people.

We are the people on this list...

We Are Woman. Hear Us Roar!

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