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Your 22 Closest Friends

Who knew you had that many.

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22. Study Buddy (also known as The Coworker)

21. The Ringleader

20. The Ex-Boyfriend

19. The Gay Best Friend

18. The Internet Friend

I mean Skype is like the exact same thing as meeting in person.

17. The Long Distance Friend

16. The Stalker Friend

This is why you never check in on Facebook.

15. The Friend you secretly hate

14. The Friend that once acted in a show/ made a film/ took a dance class/ made modern art

13. The Friday Night Friend (known as The Partier)

12. The Constant Complainer Friend

11. The Classy Friend

She like studied abroad in France. You know...they have croissants there.

10. The Advice Friend

9. The Gossip Friend

Who said what now?

8. The Friend who you wish you could be

7. The Overly Affectionate Friend

6. The Friend with completely different interests

5. The New Friend

4. The Brother Figure Friend

Who you are totally not related to.

3. The Current Boyfriend

2. The Awkward Friend

See also "Guy You Once Hooked Up With" or "Guy Who Once Rejected You."

There is no reason you should be friends with this person.

But you are.

1. But if you're very lucky....

One friend will be all twenty-one

Your Best Friend

Never let them go.

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