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35 Reasons "Man Of Steel" Is Basically "Hercules" With CGI

Spoiler alert: You've already seen this movie.

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1. Hercules = The New, "Improved" Superman

Wavy slicked-back hair? CHECK! Huge muscles? CHECK! Gift that their spirit father gave them prominently displayed? CHECK! Blue eyes? CHECK! Cape? CHECK! Perfect teeth? CHECK!


Yes, they're both made out of metal. What's your point? One is a medal. The other is a weird control pin thing that no one really understands.

OK, so they both have the family crest.


Both try to be headstrong, independent women, but are impulsive and get themselves into bad situations.

They also both have a thing for strong men despite not wanting to be saved...

35. Then despite becoming "gods," Hercules and Superman both decide to stay human.

Hercules lives happily ever after with the girl.

Clark Kent becomes a reporter at his girlfriend's paper.

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