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    5 Outrageous Country Songs About Relationships That Are Just As Absurd As They Are Accurate

    There country songs seem ridiculous, but at their core - we all know their take on relationships is true! I mean, come on, is Brad Paisley really gonna leave his wife for a large-mouthed bass? Read on to see what I reel-y mean...

    “I’m Gonna Miss Her” (2009) by Brad Paisley

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    Our protagonist certainly loves his woman, but he lets us know there’s another lover – fishing. He laments like this: “I spend all day out on this lake / And hell is all I catch.” Clever, huh? Well, things get rough for him when his lady swears she’ll be “packin’ all her things” and “gone by noon” if he decides to “hit that fishin’ hole today.” The absurdity of this song lies in its title – because given his choice between fishing and his lover, he all too easily decides, “I’m gonna miss her / When I get home.”

    Brad Paisley is arguably the funniest man in country music, so songs like this are no surprise from him. If you want more, slightly less absurd relationship humor from Paisley, take a listen to "Waitin' On A Woman". Even so, he certainly doesn’t take relationships that lightly, as we can tell from his 11-year marriage, a relationship of which he says, “Failure is not an option.” "I'm Gonna Miss Her" is so absurd because Paisley’s listeners know he, as a committed husband, would never forsake his woman, but he just wants to entertain listeners with a tale whose basic theme is all too familiar to many couples. I’m sure many wives can hear this song and laugh with their husbands because they both know that they can laugh together at the fact that some hobby like fishing even once tempted to jeopardize their long-term love.

    “You’re the Reason Our Kids Are Ugly” (1978) by Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty

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    This endearing duet has a title that makes me feel like this dueling couple is on the tipping point of divorce. But that’s until you hear the full line sung in unison by the both of them: “You’re the reason our kids are ugly, little darlin’.” Loretta and Conway bicker like an old married couple. Conway says, “you’re the reason I changed to beer from soda pop,” and Loretta retorts, “you’re the reason I never get to go to the beauty shop,” a much more frequented destination in her time. And the song even ends with Conway’s playful admission that the kids that are bald get that from him after all, so he didn’t really mean that his wife was the reason their kids were ugly.

    Loretta and Conway hoped this song would make spouses all over laugh because they probably pulled that insult on each other at one point or another (I personally would not recommend it). But during the year it was released, 4 out of 5 married couples were in it for the long haul, compared to only 1 of every two couples today. Paisley’s “I’m Gonna Miss Her” intentionally talks flippantly about a couple splitting up, just so the audience will know that he is using all-too-obvious sarcasm – he really will “miss her” when he gets home and she’s gone. However, this “Kids Are Ugly” tune is sure to let the audience plainly know that Loretta and Conway are a bickering couple – but one that’s more obviously gonna stick through it, ending their verbal jabs by endearingly calling one another "lil' darlin'" like they’ve done with every repertoire of witty banter that has come before.

    “Like My Dog” (2010) by Billy Currington

    “I Wanna Talk About Me” (2001) by Toby Keith

    “One More Last Chance” (1992) by Vince Gill


    Relationships are just plain difficult. The reason we can listen to these songs and laugh is because there is something just downright true about each one of them – something that may irk us or our significant others about each other, whether talking too much, fishing too much, or even constantly forgetting to put the toilet seat down. But as with anything, we've just gotta learn to let these things roll off and laugh about them. These are simply things that happen when two very different people get so close, am I right?

    Anyone who's ever been in a relationship hears the truth in these songs, and they know they can grab their love real tight, listen in, and laugh along. Why? Because it's relatable. And hey, since hindsight's 20/20, these songs are a great chance to grab some popcorn and grow closer together while laughing about the silly things that really get our goat.