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My Letter To My Church

Just a passive-aggressive letter

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During the 1:15pm English Mass, after the homily, there was a prayer stated that outraged me. It was stated, "Let the Government respect marriage between one man and one women."

This type of prayer does state the Catholic Church's views and policies ,but it also presents a judgmental blanket statement. I believe we are entitled to our views on this controversial topic, and it should not be forced down our throat in an assembly prayer. A prayer focuses on our yearning hope for a positive change not a request to state our specific opinion for government action.

Although there is not a consensus on this subject, I believe that there should not be a prayer so specifically excluding a certain group. For a time during mass when prayers are stated out loud and for the whole assembly to respond to, there should be more prayers that connect the values of humanity instead of having a demanding and controversial statement as so.

When I was in church school, I was taught that a prayer does not always have to be about what you want in life. It does not have to be a superficial request for something. Conceptually, I see that the prayer, "Let the government respect marriage between one man and one women." not only extremely narrow-minded but also a stubborn request for something that is not evidently agreed upon by all present. Please learn to distinguish between a secular and spiritual request.

In addition, I would like to quote P.M Forni:

"Consideration is imagination on a moral track"

"Keeping an open mind is a good starting point for the building of meaningful connections."

I hope that points of agreement can be reached. I do not expect you to comply with my views, but in this situation there is not a compelling reason to have such a prayer that does not have a harmonizing effect. Let I remind you that the Pope has recently said, " Who am I to judge?" for the purpose of gaining perspective instead of dismissing it.

I believe that there can be love for all of humanity if we can open our eyes and give others a second chance.

Thao Tran

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