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    24 Reasons Why You Should Be Reading Matt Fraction's Hawkeye

    Whether you're a comic book aficionado, a staunch DC fan, or have never touched a comic book in your life, there is something for everyone in Matt Fraction's Hawkeye comics from Marvel. I suggest giving them a shot. You won't regret it.

    1. He's a normal dude trying his best to be a superhero.

    2. And because he’s just a normal dude, there are real consequences for when he messes up.

    3. Clint’s a good dude, even if he does operate based on his own set of morals.

    4. Kate Bishop. Just...Kate Bishop.

    5. Clint’s love and respect for Kate. She’s not his side-kick, they’re a team.

    6. Optimism underneath it all.

    7. Pizza Dog, a.k.a. Lucky.

    8. It's really beautifully done.

    9. Clint is a giant lovable dork.

    10. Because boomerangs.

    11. There is no time for derogatory terms for ladies.

    12. It's clever and hilarious.

    13. No, it's really funny.

    14. We can all identify with Kate.

    15. It's very tasteful.

    16. TRICK. ARROWS.

    17. Guest appearances from some of your other Marvel favorites.

    18. Speaking of Tony, he literally comes over to Clint’s to UNTANGLE HIS DVD PLAYER.

    19. Clint's a total badass.

    20. The TV programs Fraction makes up are amazing.

    21. There is a whole issue written from the perspective of a dog and it’s the best thing ever.

    22. It deals with important lessons in standing your ground.

    23. It's perceptive and self-aware.

    24. Ultimately, it's about friendship, doing what is right, and being the best you can be.