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A Complete List Of The Most Criminally Underrated NSYNC Songs

Because we can't all be Bye Bye Bye. Some of us are just Space Cowboy and that's ok.

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Deep cuts are songs that are embedded in an album, and aren't necessarily the most popular, but they fill the musical space that would otherwise be empty. These are the songs that are embedded between Its Gonna Be Me, and Pop. The forgotton ones. Let us take a journey through the Nsync masterpieces that hide in plain site. Get yourself ready to get down.

That Girl (Will Never Be Mine)

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A song that was released for Lance Bass and Joey Fatone's film endeavour On The Line and is as catchy and punchy as their other hits. Often forgotton, or never heard because it was conditional to the soundtrack.

Defining Lyric: Shes in a different league/ They say its no use that I try/ That girl will never be mine

Just Don't Tell Me That

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My personal favorite off of their 2001 epic Celebrity album. Its just badass, and listening to it is like telling your ex to gtfo right to their face.

Defining Lyric: Even if you did say/ that you were gonna be there/ i don't want you back/ Cause its not about love/ Just don't tell me that

No Strings Attached

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Ok, the vocal attack in this song can make even ardent rock fans appreciate its edge. This song had some awesome choreo too, just check out the live version from their HBO special. Cool Timberlake top hat/bandana combo not included.

Defining Lyric: Take it from me/ its a lesson to be learned/ Even the good guys get burned.

It Makes Me Ill

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Another song that people don't realize is really cool, It Makes Me Ill. There's elements of rap, hip hop, pop and some amazing vocal acrobatics courtesy of JC that will make you go, "Uh, okay Nsync can get it." again.

Defining Lyric: Call me a hater if you want to/ Cause I only hate on him/ Cause I want you/ You can say I'm trippin if ya feel like/ But you without me aint right.

Trippin. Yes. Trippin.

I Thought She Knew

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This is the point in the journey of underratedness where you have to really appreciate the harmonies. Everyone in NSYNC could really sing, and here's proof. I Thought She Knew is a tear jerking beautiful masterpiece driven from only the purest form of sound, acapella human harmony. So, in short, get ready to ball.

Defining Lyric: THE WHOLE THING.

Up Against The Wall

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Now that we've all cried our eyes out we can get back to getting down. Up Against The Wall has an infectious nursery-rhyme-esque beat that if it came on in a club today, I guarantee people would be on the floor. It basically references meeting someone at a club at 2 and just having a great time. OH AND in their live performances there were big velcro walls that the boys stuck to. YOLO.

Defining Lyric: Ask me about tomorrow/ you know that I don't care at all/ I just got caught up when you/ Had me up against the wall.

Space Cowboy

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No description needed.

Defining Lyric: If you want to fly come and take a ride/ take a space ride with a cow boy baby/


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This is the single from Celebrity that everyone forgets about.

Two things:

1. Nelly

2. Produced by the Neptunes (Aka Pharell Williams and Co.)

This song is like a hip hop fusionist dream. Its got a slick and mature beat with no room for any sort of bubble gum business. It definitely was a precurser to what we'd see in Timberlake's first solo effort Justified The following fall.

Defining Lyric: Would you be my girlfriend?


Digital Get Down

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This song made all us youngins' wonder about the internet in ways highly innappropriate for our age. Thank you to Justin Timberlake in Particular for his spirited pelvic thrusts during the live version that left me wondering what was happening in the world. #lifechanger

Defining Lyric: Everytime i'm sitting all alone girl/ I just can't wait to get you on the phone girl/ So pick it up/ Cause I can see everything you do.


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This title track is a commentary on fame and its many vestiges. Its awesome, end of story.

Defining Lyric: If I wasn't a celebrity/ would you be so into me?

If you're JT, yes. Forever.

Tell Me Tell Me Baby

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This is another hard edged song off of Celebrity. Damn, this album has a lot of songs about unrequited love. Maybe there's something to that.

Defining Lyric: Tell me tell me baby/ how come you don't wanna love me/ dont you know i can't breathe without you

BONUS! Beegees Medely

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This is just a testament to the grand poobah of harmonizing, Nsync. The guys graced the Grammy stage in 2003 to pay homage to the BeeGees and blew the roof off. Everyone bow down. NOW.

People should really give the guys more credit. Now that you have the knowledge, fly, go, spread the gospel of the great and talented NSYNC.

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