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9 Most Hated Things About Fashion Magazines

Vogue, strike a pose, except when you're broke and wear a size 14.

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2. Win This!

Allure magazine always has a "Win This" on every page. You can snap the QR Code with your iPhone and hope for the best, but let's face it. Nobody wins anything. Have you ever heard a person say they've won?

3. Styles for EveryBody

The whole body positivity train is pulling out of the station and magazines like Seventeen and Cosmopolitan are trying to hop on. Showing "real" women is not the key, everyone is real. But the styles they pick? God are they drab, wrong or too expensive to function on their readers. I mean really, don't all of these girls look around the same size and shape?

4. Sex Advice

Who hasn't made fun of the sex tips and so called tricks that are played out by Cosmo every month. I don't want to know where that piece of fruit can go, nor do i think it will please my man, or me for that matter.

6. Fashion at Any Age

Talk about played out fashion concepts. Why can't we all just stay unique and find our own taste as we age? The twenty year olds are depicted as fun and carefree, and the 50 year olds are stuffy and drab. Or, everyone looks mis-styled, as in this picture. YUCK.Where's the balance yo? This is kind of setting people up for a fashion crisis during their midlife right?

7, Unhealthy Beauty Standards

As previously stated, most "real" women in magazines are an exaggeration or just aren't styled correctly. What we typically see are the "model" types, which are beautiful in their own right. But what is projected on them, is the beauty standard of perfection. The industry standard, if you will is 2, which would make a 12 like me run for the hills if I wasn't secure. Its a problem dudes. What are our younger counterparts going to look up to?

8. What's "On Trend"

OMG the 80s are back! Omg Ombre is so in! Omg, rompers like, the 60's yall! Lace, Leather...yes, no. Not this season, maybe fall? Omg, scrunchies? Who Knew!? Get my drift? Yuck, let's all try to follow our own drummer shall we. The industry makes the clothes, and we should choose what and how to wear them. Its a free country!

9. The Fact that I Can't Stop Buying Them

Even though all of the above irritates me, I still snatch up Vogue ( I have a shameful subscription), Seventeen, Elle and Cosmopolitan. I even wrote a little for Elle Girl before it kicked the bucket. These are staples of our lives as girls, then as women. Read on, get inspired, but follow your own style too.

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